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Dr. Dianah T. Lake, MD (also known as Dr. Di) is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, a best-selling author, speaker, consultant, fitness competitor, wellness expert, autism parent advocate and founder of Dr. Di Fit Life. She desired a web site and social media strategy to launch her personal brand, establish a following, build influence, and cultivate innovative business models to scale and grow.

Mobile optimized website developed and designed with custom brand elements.
Virtual Summit Campaign added 169 targeted prospects with 59.8% open rate and 23.1% click through rate in emails. Outpacing Industry averages of 13.8% and 1.6%.
2,400+ followers on Facebook page with strategic partnership with BlackDoctors.org with 2.2+ million followers.
1,614 followers on IG with a 4.24% engagement rate and average of 64 likes 5 comments. 


She needed help with laying the foundation for her wellness and fitness brand.


We took over online marketing with web development, course development, content marketing, sales funnel development, IT solutions, social media strategy and email marketing to help her get established.


During Virtual Summit Campaign we achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 23.1%, with an audience of 169 targeted prospects. The open rate of the campaign was 59.8%, surpassing the industry average of 13.8%. On IG the client is seeing an engagement rate 4.24% with an average of 64 likes and 5 comments per post.

23.1% CTR



From The Client

“They have been so easy to work with! I am busy enough as a ER doctor with 2 kids to not also have to stress over all the things that they have taken off my table. Plus the strategies and campaigns they have helped me execute fit well with my lifestyle.”

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